Road Riders for Jesus 

Welcome to the RUTHS page of the Road Riders For Jesus website!  RUTHS stands for Riding Under the Holy Spirit and it is a scriptural based ministry for the women of RRJ aged 16 years and older that are willing to make a commitment to the ministry.  It does not require that the women who participate in it ride a motorcycle; all of us have been given gifts from God that we can use to minister to others.  The intent of the RUTHS ministry is for the women of RRJ to use their gifts to serve the Lord regardless of the form of transportation.  Also, you do not have to be part of RUTHS to attend RUTHS activities, all women are welcome!

The most common question I’m asked is what kind of activities are we expected to do as RUTHS.  Other than support the RRJ ministry, your chapter and each other, there is no “expected” activity.  Suggested activities:  are Bible Studies, helping organize events for your chapter and community outreach such as working with a women’s shelter or a pregnancy care center.  Some chapters hold a monthly RUTHS meeting and use it as an opportunity for devotion and getting to know the women in their chapter better through fellowship.  The possibilities are endless!

At the National level, the main activities are the National RUTHS Retreat which is held in Missouri in June and the RUTHS luncheon at the Days of Praise Rally in September.  This year we are adding the sponsorship of the Toy Drive for Mexican Orphans.  Missouri State RRJ has supported the Toy Drive for the last five years, but the National RUTHS team felt called to take it on this year and go national with it.  Check out the Toy Drive flyer for more details.
>The Days of Praise Rally in September is the biggest RRJ event of the year and one of the most spiritual filled weeks you’ll ever participate in.  It is also where RUTHS became a reality in 2010.  If you’ve never experienced the Days of Praise Rally, I encourage you to attend this year if at all possible!  The RUTHS luncheon will be held on Thursday and will include a slideshow of RUTHS in action across the USA.  (Ladies of RUTHS, please send me pictures that you have taken throughout the year so they can be included in the slideshow!)

You can find the commitment statement here.  Just print it, fill it out and mail it in.        

If you have any questions about RUTHS, please contact Diane Cole at the following address: .

Please note:   While riding a motorcycle is not required for participation in RUTHS, being part of the RRJ ministry is.  If you would like to participate in RUTHS but are not yet a member of the RRJ ministry, please fill out and submit the RRJ membership application before completing the RUTHS form.